fine art

"Oh, to confront night, storms, hunger,
Ridicule, accident, rebuffs,
As the trees and animals do."

                      -Walt Whitman

Artist's Statement:::
A landscape will change little over time. The landscapes I have painted have remained constant, with little change from nature and erosion. My emphasis this year has been on water, trees, and rocks. In facing unexpected changes, will I bend like a tree, flow like water, or remain solid like a rock?
My  artwork  has been inspired by the words of  Walt Whitman:
"Oh, to confront night, storms,hunger,
Ridicule,accident,rebuffs as the trees and animals do."
 My purpose in creating art:
Should our words be weighed or counted? If a picture is worth a thousand words, does it need explanation? Is it our perspective that matters, or the viewer? I cannot make someone else see what I see, but I try.

I  grew up in Metro Detroit, but I have lived in Maryland and Ohio. My landscapes are influenced by the lakes of Michigan, the seascapes of the east coast, and the rural farmlands of Ohio. I did not pursue art as a course of study at the college level, although receiving a scholarship for further study. Using art as a form of communication is my goal.

I especially enjoyed my visit to Petoskey this year for an exhibit at The Crooked Tree Arts Center. The Petoskey stone is a fossil, a reminder that we are here for a very short time in relation to the landscape. I am very fortunate to have a camera ready at the right moments in this year and in past years. I was lucky enough to have my photographs presented with Ansel Adams and professional photographers this year in a "live" audio/ visual performance. The photographs were projected onto a movie screen to a theater audiience with a live orchestra. Does that make me a performance artist photographer also? I am not sure yet, will get back to you on that.
 My work earlier this year was  focused on the Ohio and Northern Michigan landscape in oil and cold wax. I am drawn to water and the landscape as  subjects, as they are in constant flux, yet remain resilient with time, much like the human spirit.  As I am winding down this year, I am returning to portraiture and figurative compositions.
​Below: in consultation with my muse and studio dog.


Prussia, Michigan 12/5/2014